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Creator of Headmagnet. Help me help you to remember stuff. Send feedback.

Shared study lists (35)

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These are the study lists that andyman has shared with you:

  • Days in each Month »

    Number of days in each month. (Most people know this, but I always forget, so I'm going to put it in my head so I can finally learn it for good)

    12 items | in 34 heads | Public

  • Bible Memory Verses »

    Here's my growing list of Bible memory verses I want to remember. I'll try to add some new ones every week. I'd recommend studying this in the self-test mode. (Quotes are from the New International Version)

    22 items | in 46 heads | Public

  • My vocabulary list »

    This the list of new words I've come across and want to remember.

    17 items | in 21 heads | Public

  • Count to ten »

    In English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese (Mandarin). To use the Chinese (written) mode, you must have East Asian Languages enabled.

    10 items | in 73 heads | Public

  • Mnemonic Numbers »

    These mnemonics allow you to transform numbers to words or letters, which are easier to remember than pure numbers.

    10 items | in 40 heads | Public

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