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News, updates, articles, tips, and tricks on Headmagnet

  • Server Upgrade On Saturday, December 4, 2010

    by andyman on December 02, 2010

    We'll be moving Headmagnet to a faster and more powerful server/hosting. Headmagnet will be down for about 15 minutes on Saturday, December 4, starting:

    10:00 AM, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    05:00 AM, US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    04:00 AM, US Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    07:00 PM, Japan Standard Time (JST)

    Although the actual move of Headmagnet from the old server to the new server will be very short, some users may find that the "" web address will still point to the old server rather than the new server. It may take up to 24 hours for some internet service providers to recognize the change.

    After the move, users whose internet service providers are still pointing to the old server will see a instruction page with a link for a temporary alternate web address for the new server.

    Note: Facebook connect will not work via the alternate temporary address, so please make sure you set up an email/password login if you have not done so yet.


  • Giant batch of updates

    by andyman on September 07, 2010

    We've been working the past few months on some highly requested enhancements to Headmagnet, and are happy to finally release this large batch of new features today:

    New and improved "My Lists" page

    • Simpler, more efficient, and more useful: Lists and their study modes are now shown hierarchically for better organization and to allow more lists/modes to be shown per page. [screenshot]
    • Advanced viewing options: For users with dozens of lists, finding them can be quite a chore. Now you can group, filter and sort them [screenshot]:
      • Filter lists by tag: This allows you to show only the lists that have a certain tag, and perform actions upon just those tagged lists. This lets you organize your lists into your own custom groups or subjects using the tags, and study just those lists.
      • Filter lists by permissions: See just the lists that you have set to a public, friends-only, or private.
      • Sort lists: Sort by newest first, title, permissions, most items, most users, and date last modified.
    • Head toggle: Now you can quickly toggle whether a list or its study modes are in your head by clicking the head toggle icon next to a list or study mode.
    • Batch actions: Select multiple lists or study modes and perform actions on all of them [screenshot]:
      • add or remove lists and modes from your head
      • study all the selected lists/modes
      • add tags many lists at the same time
      • change the permissions of many lists at the same time
      • make a copy of the selected lists
      • move lists to the trash

    Restoring Deleted Lists

    • The "Deleted Lists" section of the "My Lists" page shows your deleted study lists. Deleted lists found there can be restored or purged. [screenshot]
    • When a list is deleted, it will be removed from the heads of all the users who had it in their head. Keep in mind that when a list is restored from the Deleted Lists section, it does not automatically get added back to those users' heads.
    • Deleted Modes: When an individual study mode is deleted, it is simply deleted. It doesn't go to the trash. It can't be restored.

    Headmagnet Pro Account Upgrade

    • Headmagnet Pro is an account upgrade for power users, serious students who want to study even smarter, and teachers who want to be able to do even more with their study lists.
    • Copy Study Lists: Ever wish you could change someone else's study list? With a pro account upgrade, you can make a copy of any study list that you can access. You can then edit the list, add/remove items, manage study modes, or share the list. This is also great for making a backup copy of a list, or for creating a template. A copied list's origin is displayed on the list's page with links to its source. [screenshot]
    • Export/Download Study Lists: With a pro account, you can easily export study lists to a number of formats. [screenshot]
      • CSV (Comma-separated values) (.csv)
      • Tab-delimited text file (.tab)
      • Excel 97-2004 Workbook (.xls)
      • Excel XML Workbook (.xlsx)
      • Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods)
    • Print Flash Cards: With a pro account, you can print study modes as paper flashcards in a number of customizable layouts, paper sizes, orientations and fonts. Supports images, and automatic font sizing. Great for studying away from the computer. [screenshot 1] [screenshot 2]
    • Drag and drop reordering of fields: With a pro account, you can reorder the fields in the item editor by simply dragging and dropping the field names. [screenshot]
    • Drag and drop reordering of items: With a pro account, you can change the order of the items within a list by dragging and dropping them in the items section on the list editor page. [screenshot] If you have many items and want to see them all at once, you can toggle the items section to show all the items without the vertical scrollbar. [screenshot]
    • Unlimited image uploads/month with a pro account. (Free accounts are limited to up to 20 MB of new image uploads per month)
    • No more ads: With a pro account, there are no more ads to slow down your studying experience!
    • Pro badge: Let others know that you're helping to fund additional new improvents to Headmagnet.
    • It only costs about $2/month for a 1-year Headmagnet Pro upgrade. How much is the time savings and convenience worth to you? Upgrade now.


  • Multi-line fields

    by andyman on May 28, 2010

    You can now use shift-return key combination to add a new line within a field when adding/editing items in your study lists.

    Tip: In Headmagnet, the default behavior of the return button when editing items is to go to the next field or next item (if you are on the last field), since most users typically enter very short 1-line questions or answers for their items. This allows you to quickly add items without having to take your hands off the keyboard or press the tab key.


  • Import study lists into Headmagnet from Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Spreadsheets

    by andyman on May 27, 2010

    More file formats: You can now upload external study lists into Headmagnet via these additional new formats, as well as the CSV and Tab-Delimited Text formats (mentioned in the previous post):

    • Excel 97-2004 Workbooks (.xls)
    • Excel XML Workbooks (.xlsx)
    • Open Document Spreadsheets (.ods)

    Just make sure the first row contains the field names.

    Google Docs Spreadsheets: You can also import online spreadsheets from Google Docs to create study lists. Here are the steps in detail:

    1. Create the spreadsheet in Google Docs and click the "Share" button.

    2. Select the "Get the link to share" option.

    3. Check off the "Allow anyone with the link to view" checkbox, copy the full link for the spreadsheet, and click the "Save & Close" button.

    4. Now sign into Headmagnet, and click the big orange "Import" button on your "My Lists" page.

    5. Select the "Import an online Google Spreadsheet" option, paste in the link, enter a title for the list, and click the "Import" button.


  • New: List import feature

    by andyman on April 29, 2010

    You can now import external study lists into Headmagnet via CSV (comma-separated values) or tab-delimited files.

    Log in and go to your My Lists page and click the Import button on the My Lists page:

    The first row of the CSV or tab-delimited file should be the names of the item fields.