We'll be moving Headmagnet to a faster and more powerful server/hosting. Headmagnet will be down for about 15 minutes on Saturday, December 4, starting:

10:00 AM, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
05:00 AM, US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
04:00 AM, US Pacific Standard Time (PST)
07:00 PM, Japan Standard Time (JST)

Although the actual move of Headmagnet from the old server to the new server will be very short, some users may find that the "headmagnet.com" web address will still point to the old server rather than the new server. It may take up to 24 hours for some internet service providers to recognize the change.

After the move, users whose internet service providers are still pointing to the old server will see a instruction page with a link for a temporary alternate web address for the new server.

Note: Facebook connect will not work via the alternate temporary address, so please make sure you set up an email/password login if you have not done so yet.