We've added support for profile pictures and image fields for study lists. This means that you can now study image-based subjects such as . . .

Faces of people you want to remember, such as new friends, old relatives, coworkers and classmates, business clients, and wedding guests
Breeds of dogs, cats, birds, or fish
Plants and flowers so you can identify them in the wild or in the garden
Works of art to enrich the soul
Flags and Maps of countries, states, or even provinces
Types of Cloud Formations for predicting the weather

. . . just to name a few.

What kinds of images can I upload?

PNG and JPEG image formats are supported. Uploaded files must be less than 2 MB in size.

All images must abide by the Terms of Service. (Don't post content that contains nudity or other offensive subject matter, content that promotes racism, hatred, or physical harm against a group or individual, or content that includes copyrighted material without permission)

How do I set my profile picture?

  1. Go to the settings page.
  2. In the Basic Info tab, click the replace profile picture file chooser and select a PNG or JPEG file (it should end with a .png, .jpeg, or .jpg).
  3. Click the save button.

How do I add image fields for study lists?

When adding a new field on the Study List's item page, just select the image option rather than the default text option.