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Liam Strait

I'm from Germany, born to American parents, and moved to the US at a young age. My early linguistic problems have left me with a fascination for language. I speak English better than most native speakers, decent (but slow and "rusty") Spanish, and (sadly) little more than a smattering of German and Esperanto.

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  • Important Dates (US) »

    A few important days and when they occur.

    15 items | in 12 heads | Public

  • Colours »

    Basic colours in English, German, Spanish, and Esperanto.

    11 items | in 50 heads | Public

  • Numbers to One Thousand »

    Numbers up to 1 000 (not all of them, obviously) in formal English, informal (possibly US-centric) English, Spanish, German, and Esperanto. As always, with all that typing there could be some mistakes, so let me know.

    99 items | in 14 heads | Public

  • UK <-> US English »

    A list of common words which differ between the UK and US dialects of English. Mostly put together off the top of my head, so feedback is welcome and I apologise/apologize for any inaccuracies.

    42 items | in 20 heads | Public

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