We're working on some useful new features suggested by users.

In no particular order:

  • Import/Export lists: Import a study list into Headmagnet via a CSV or Excel file, or export it from Headmagnet. (Update: the list import feature is now available)
  • More stats and new graphs: Be able to see projections on your estimated recall rate for individual study lists, study modes, and item level.
  • Reminder Notifications and reports: Tell Headmagnet to notify you when you have a certain number of weak items, or if a certain study list's estimated recall rate decays below a certain percentage. Or, schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly email report that tells you what you know, what you've probably forgotten, and what you will likely forget by the next report.
  • Groups and school/company accounts: We're still exploring these.

Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming in!

How can we make Headmagnet more useful to you? Please let us know!