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  • Profile Pictures and Image Fields

    by andyman on December 06, 2008

    We've added support for profile pictures and image fields for study lists. This means that you can now study image-based subjects such as . . .

    Faces of people you want to remember, such as new friends, old relatives, coworkers and classmates, business clients, and wedding guests
    Breeds of dogs, cats, birds, or fish
    Plants and flowers so you can identify them in the wild or in the garden
    Works of art to enrich the soul
    Flags and Maps of countries, states, or even provinces
    Types of Cloud Formations for predicting the weather

    . . . just to name a few.

    What kinds of images can I upload?

    PNG and JPEG image formats are supported. Uploaded files must be less than 2 MB in size.

    All images must abide by the Terms of Service. (Don't post content that contains nudity or other offensive subject matter, content that promotes racism, hatred, or physical harm against a group or individual, or content that includes copyrighted material without permission)

    How do I set my profile picture?

    1. Go to the settings page.
    2. In the Basic Info tab, click the replace profile picture file chooser and select a PNG or JPEG file (it should end with a .png, .jpeg, or .jpg).
    3. Click the save button.

    How do I add image fields for study lists?

    When adding a new field on the Study List's item page, just select the image option rather than the default text option.


  • Week 3 updates: convenience

    by andyman on November 22, 2008

    This third week's updates are focused on convenience functionality to make the experience easier and smoother. Here are some of the updates:

    1. New buttons on the list items page:
      • Study Now: this will let you select the study modes to use and start a new study session
      • Add to My Head: add or remove study modes for this list to/from your head
    2. Study session preferences are saved: When you start a new study session, the settings such as time and item limits, lesson interactivity, and lesson grading will be saved and used for your next study session
    3. Explore recent users who have public lists to share. This is now on the sidebar for the explore page.

    Game plan for the next few weeks:

    Next week we're focusing on adding image support so that you can finally memorize things like names and faces, maps and geography, and have profile pictures with Headmagnet.

    After that, we'll be finally updating the Tour page and adding a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


  • First two weeks of beta testing: updates and fixes

    by andyman on November 14, 2008

    Its been about two weeks since the beta test began. Here are some recent updates and fixes, based on feedback from beta testers. Thank you for all who participated. Please continue to give feedback and invite your friends to use Headmagnet.

    1. More friendly nav bar: Added help text below the main links in the navigation bar so that new users can more easily see what's what
    2. Lists for everyone!: New users now get three starting study lists (Vocabulary, Birthdays/Anniversaries, and Favorite Quotes) created for them automatically. If you are an existing user and would like to get these lists, please just send a message.
    3. Darker text: Some of the gray text is now a darker shade of gray so that everyone can see them more easily.
    4. Additional preferences: The settings tab has been split into 3 tabs to allow the following new preferences to be added:
      • Show/hide descriptions for lists and modes: On the My Lists and My Head page, sometimes all those descriptions for lists and modes can get a little overwhelming. This preference allows you to toggle whether you want to see them. You can set this either from the Settings page under the Preferences tab, or through the checkboxes near the bottom of the My Lists and My Head pages. This is set to show descriptions as a default.
      • Automatically add new modes to My Head: If this setting is checked, then any new modes you create will be added to your head (My Head page). This is now set to add new modes to your head by default.
    5. Safer field deletion: The "Delete Field" link which appears when you are editing a list's items will now show a confirmation before actually deleting a field, so that it is harder to accidentally click on that link and wipe out a field.
    6. Convenience buttons on welcome page: Added 3 convenience buttons to the home page which shows up after you log in:
      • Add a new study list: allows you to instantly add a new study list
      • Learn new head items: allows you to study any new items for lists that you have added to your head
      • Review weak head items: allows you to review any weak previously items for lists that you have in your head
    7. Popular study lists: The list of recent study lists on the home or welcome page is now based on how many people have added the list to their head. Lists that qualify have at least a few items, and have not been edited for at least 15 minutes (so that people don't rush to your list while you are still in the process of editing it).
    8. Bug fix: The "Study" button on the My Head page now works right. Previously, it would just start a study session for the lists that someone else selected, rather than the lists you selected.

    We've got many more updates coming soon.


  • Welcome to the public beta test!

    by andyman on November 10, 2008


    Hi everybody, thanks for taking the time to check out Headmagnet. We're currently running a public beta test for the next few weeks to gather feedback, test out features, and see how real people use the system.

    So please, send us feedback about what you like and don't like about Headmagnet, and features you wish Headmagnet would have. We'd love to hear from you.

    After the beta test period is over, you'll get to keep your accounts and your study lists. Headmagnet will still be available as a free service. Eventually, we'll add premium paid features that will make learning new material and retaining old material even easier.

    - Andrew Wang
    (founder of

    P.S. Remember to invite your friends as well!